The World's Only Specialized Solar Panel Snow Removal Technology


Snow is the No.1 cause of production and revenue loss for solar farms in snowy regions.

The SNOLAR is the No.1 solar panel snow removal solution for owners and operators.




  • Recover vast portion of snow losses

  • Clear all types of snow in record-time, traveling fast and effectively

  • Operate when you need to, day or night

  • Retain loyal operators by clearing sites in hours not days

Safe for panels. Not for snow!

​Designed for operators & managers alike

  • Operators stay relaxed with easy handling & on-board navigation

  • Managers get measurable results with GPS performance tracking

  • Gain complete insight into performance data to maximize your benefits

What sets us apart?

  • Weight - lightest of its peers - by far - means no major rutting or frost heaving effects

  • Footprint - relatively small and steady unit makes for easy handling around tight spots and narrow rows

  • Speed - fastest in the field means higher production and revenue

  • Safety - virtually impossible to damage panels with soft handle technology

Snolarizin' in action


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Freshly fallen

Granular & wet

Hard packed

About us

Snolar Technologies is a solar power industry innovations company deploying the SNOLAR - a specialized, patented machine for removing snow from solar panels at utility-scale solar farms that is safe on panels and far more effective and profitable than any alternative.


designed and built in snowy Canada!


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